Paris: Your Nightlife Cheat Sheet

Ahh… Paris.

It’s one of those places where you simply need to know someone. So when a talent agent at CAA asked me what to do in Paris (at a moment’s notice, of course… he was already there), I needed to work fast. I thanked my lucky stars I knew Micaela Nevarez, Guest Guru/Resident Actress. She’s married to a sexy Frenchie and has been living in Paris for years.

Did I mention she’s gorgeous and talented?  Last year, she won the Best New Actress Goya (The Spanish Oscar) for her performance in Princesas. So straight from a hip hottie’s mouth, here’s your cheat sheet to Parisian nightlife.

A Hot Actress in Paris Says Go To:

Chai 33 33, Passage Saint-Emilion – 75012 – Paris 9

Pinxo (Paris)Rue d’Alger – 75001

La Maison Blanche (Paris) Paris15, Avenue Montaigne – 75008

Wa 8, Rue Coquillière – 75001 – Paris

Buddha Bar 8, Rue Boissy d’Anglas – 75008

Le Comptoir (Paris)37, Rue Berger – 75001

Barrio Latino (Paris)46-48, Rue du Fbg Saint-Antoine – 75012

Market (Paris)15, Avenue Matignon – 75008

Kong (Paris)1, Rue du Pont Neuf – 75001

Le Georges – au Centre G. Pompidou (Paris)19, Rue Beaubourg -75004

Publicis Drugstore (Paris)133, Avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008

La Gare (Paris) 19, Chaussée de la Muette – 75016

Mood 114 , Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008

Le Brebant 32, Boulevard Poissonnière, 75009

Still not satisfied? Here are a few more ideas from some locals.

Rival, Plaza, Georges V, the terrace of Francis…

Le Neo
A very hard door, but supposed to be hot.

23 Rue de Ponthieu

Baron – Thurs. Nights
Think ‘Parisian meat market.’

Murano Urban Resort
13 Boulevard du Temple 75003
A design hotel with a 20-yard bar dedicated to vodka… and beautiful people. So hip, it hurts.


An ice bar in the 18th, apparently, you pay by the half hour as you can’t stand the cold much longer than that.

Avenue George V
Really nice bar, good low lights, restaurant downstairs. Micaela says, “Completely fabulous.”

Renoma Cafe Gallery
32 Avenue George V (75008)
Tel : 01 47 20 46 19.

Fun nightclub

Le Café du Commerce
One of the oldest Traditional French bistros and the perfect spot for drinks.

Le Marais area
Lunch at Chez Janou (Rue des Tournelles), then walk to Place des Vosges for coffee and check out the art galleries. Great restaurants, good times.

Cafe Marly
Cool for a drink and people watching, as is Bar du Marche in St Germain at the corner of Rue de Buci and Rue de Seine.

In St Germain, you can also dine at Fish Boissonnerie. I’ve heard it’s quite good eats with a lovely selection of wines.

Don’t thank me now. Thank me when Pierre spies you at the bar and moves in two weeks later.

(I know… Pierre looked better last night)

Carry It On: The Titan X2

Oh man… I was supposed to wait to tell you guys about this one, but I can’t wait any longer.

A few days ago, I was pitched a piece of luggage called ‘THE TITAN.’ I think, “Ballsy name.” Then I see a photo and think, “Sexy good looks too?” And you know me. If it’s ballsy with sexy good looks, I’m gonna get me one!

Somewhere between Swiss Army sleek and Stefani chic… is the Titan X2.

But first, I want to know this: What’s up with all this great German luggage? Seems those engineering masters have the market covered. Well, works for them, works for me.

It says ‘Yellow’ on the website, but trust me, it’s Orange.
Those cooky Germans! Maybe they’re color blind.
What do I care? I’m about to make a statement.
The best part? It’s made of super light polycarbonate,
handles corners like a champ, comes with it’s own removable dob kit,
and has a “No Matter What” lifetime guarantee.

So, this is what you need to roll in style with me. I’d snatch up the X2 Flash International Carry-on and the Trolley, or the Red (or Pink) 360 series. The Xenon was also named “the best hardcase trolley” by German consumer magazines so you really can’t go wrong with any of ’em. I have the Orange aka. ‘Yellow’ International Carry-on and it’s cute as hell, but it may not be big enough for the likes of you.

Me? I know how to travel light.
(And I hate checking bags)

PS. Wouldn’t you know…
Stefani’s sporting a set in Green.

Hollaback Girl.

(I can’t believe I just said that)

Retails anywhere from $420-$725

Carry It On: The Sonya Dakar Jet Set

Listen here. If I have to throw out one more bottle of fancy product because it’s two squirts more than 3/4 of an ounce or get out of line at security to buy some silly plastic bag to hold my liquids…

I’m ‘a gonna scream!

So I’m leaving for Singapore and Thailand in a week. Guess what I need to get MY little paws on?

The Sonya Dakar JET SET.

I’ve known Dakar and her family for years. They’re good peeps. Tough, and kind. Warm, and honest. Her whole family runs the business, one that was once conducted out of a spare bedroom in her home. She says always knew she wanted to solve skin care woes. Later, after she married her loving husband, they had kids. Her four children stirred pots of skin cream in the kitchen while her husband searched Madagascar to the Maldives for every root, twig, and remedy that could calm and cure unruly skin. Now they’re living La Vida Splendida in a fancy schmancy building in Beverly Hills.

You gotta love the American Dream.
Better yet, just love Sonya Dakar.

Here’s one difference between Dakar and other Skin Care Specialists around town. She’s Israeli. That means she practically went to Medical School so that she could do facials in the homeland. She’s bottom line, fast, gives obvious results, asks you a question or two about your long distance love, and she’ll never, ever leave you scarless. I still haven’t figured out how. Ancient secrets from the Exodus? Herbal remedies from the Holy Land? Who cares?! She gives THE MOST EFFECTIVE FACIAL I’ve ever had and there are pictures to prove it. Me, looking like Britney Spears after a fast food bender, weeks later transformed into Jessica Alba after hair and make-up. But no amount of money in the world would let you see my ‘Before’ photos. Sonya’s got ’em under lock and key. So when the best Hollywood dermatologists could do NOTHING for my skin, she was the only one.

She and her products are so good, in fact, that I haven’t seen her in about a year, which is exactly why… I need to travel with them. Lucky for me, she’s just created the Sonya Dakar JET SET, a perfect travel companion with just enough of each product (about ¾ of an ounce) to last on your two week jaunts to Africa, Greece, or Singapore and Thailand (hint, hint). It includes the three basics of your regimen – facial wash, anti-oxidant primer and ultra-light moisturizer – in a satin travel case with a waterproof compartment and room for whatever else travels 3000+ miles with you. She’s even created three sets geared to each major skin type – dry, normal, oily. Fortified with the natural extracts like Frankincense, Geranium and Rosewood, the JET SET retails for $72.00.

But can you really put a price on after-flight glow?

It’s available in August via phone: at 877-72-SONYA

A Flair Necessity: Get Frocked

Look, I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Sometimes we don’t always want to write about our favorite things because then every Tom, Dick, and Harry from Sunset Boulevard to the Southland will have them, but I’m a writer so I’m stuck.

I’m forced to cough up the goods.

Ehhm… Leona Edmiston, one of Australia’s leading fashion designers.

Ugh. Sometimes it hurts, but she’ll frock you just right. Whether you want to feel like a sexy secretary from the 40’s, an English Rose, or an Assassin. And travelling in Leona… mama mia! Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but these dresses pack so well that there’s no need to ever iron or dry clean. It’s amazing. Such a good find, in fact, that after I hit ‘Publish’, I’m running to Sunset Blvd. to get good and frocked.

So get outta my way.

That’s right… Frock You.

PS. Did I also mention they serve Australian licorice and frocktails?
Frocks retail for anywhere from $250-$600