Carry It On: No Cooties, No ‘Mo!

Picture this: You’re flying into JFK or LAX. You’ve caught a morning flight, maybe the Red Eye. You’ve had coffee to wake up, a V8 to settle that Hang-over Stomach, and one vodka tonic to brush off the hair of the dog that bit you. You’ve watched half a bad comedy starring some actor that was hot five years ago, and now… here’s the real clincher, you’ve inhaled, or absorbed, the stench two hundred peanut eating travelers who can’t possibly hold in all that high-altitude gas. Who wants to hug your long-distance lover or even get close enough to shake a colleague’s hand after sitting in a cloud of burps, coughs and farts for five hours? Sure as hell not me. That’s where Hankansson’s No Cootie Vitamin Spray 4 Pack Set comes in. Don’t cover it with Coco or Kors. Just take your trusty set of 6 travel-sized sprays formulated to deliver vital nutrients to thirsty skin with a blend of natural floral, fruit and vegetable extracts and get back to the basics. Sprays are each a different scent, greaseless, quickly absorbed, and ideal for all skin types. Bottom line? Anyone’s pick for ‘Accoutrement of the Year for Hygienic Travel Junkies.’ At the very least, it’ll eliminate some of that eau de toilet. And we don’t mean the fancy kind.

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