Sea Farers: Dream Big For 2010

It’s a view we all love to dream about.
But I’ll say it this once and I may say it again.
Life just ain’t fair.
How do I know this?

Children around the world are starving, we’re depleting our resources at a rapid rate, and there are more homeless people in the City of Los Angeles than in NYC and San Fran combined (over 90,000 and counting). And… just as Lindsay and Britney spend thousands cycling around Promises, we still haven’t solved a little problem like what to do with them; mainly located on Skid Row, just right down the street from brand new multi-million dollar lofts. That said, what’s a hardworking, luxury-loving, earth-conscious person suppposed to do? Should Angie and Brad sell their private jet because it’s a waste of fuel? Should Angie stop using her Louis Vuitton handbag because in World War II a sign at the entrance in Paris read “No dogs. No Jews.”? Should Maddox be forced to go to public school like everyone else?

Tough questions, I know, especially if you like Angie’s renegade spirit like I do, but where do we draw the line between consumerism, the art of living well, and poverty? Are we supposed to abandon our love of luxury altogether and devote ourselves entirely to a worthwhile cause?


I’ll tell you this much. It’s a lot to wrap MY curly head around.
So I’m saying this:

Dream big.
‘How big?’ you ask.
How about a 48,600-ton 719-foot ocean vessel fit for a king?

Or, you, the soon-to-be mini-mogul/philanthropist.

All you need?
$5 million dollars (after taxes) by 2010.
Let me tell you what that’ll get you.
A twist on luxury home ownership combined with sea faring world travel.

Blending the best of oceanfront living with an ever-changing array of global travel and the renowned amenities of the world’s leading luxury hotel company, The Four Seasons Ocean Residences are scheduled for delivery in 2010. Offering a fully-private, international residential community of 112 wholly-owned private residences.

During the first two years of the vessel’s life, you’ll go to:

The Amazon
The 2012 Olympics
The British Open
Rio Carnival
Monaco’s Grand Prix

1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments include single story, duplexes, triplexes and penthouses, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, living room areas with sea views, master bedroom suites, ensuite bathrooms, expansive terraces, walk-in closets, gourmet kitchens and a private entrance for staff.

That’s right… STAFF!

There’s also a Four Seasons Spa and fitness facility, European-styled promenade with high-end retailers, a gourmet market, a state-of-the-art business center with video conferencing services, a wine cellar, helipad, putting greens, driving range, and marina facility that will provide residents with ship-to-shore service, SCUBA expeditions, and a launch for jet skis and sailboats.

So how much is such extravagance in an ever-changing location?
(And who the hell can afford it??)

Anywhere from $3.8 million for a 1 bedroom to $30 million for a 4-bedroom triplex penthouse.

Still conflicted about all those homeless?

You should be.
Because if you make that $5 million dollars in the next three years, you can not only grab your very own uber-luxury Four Seasons Ocean Residence, but you can also donate the 1.2 million remaining to the residents of Skid Row in the lovely City of Angels.

PS. While you’re at it… make sure you fill me in on just how you made that kinda dough.

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