A Flair Necessity: The GalPal

So here’s a little ditty for you.

Last year, I took a trip to my favorite travel store in LA, Flight 001, before heading to Argentina for three months. I bought a few small things; a selection of travel sized candles (loved ‘em!) and a corny beige passport holder that goes around the neck… just in case. I know what you’re thinking ‘Those are the MOST hideous things ever… and sooooo 1994,’ but I didn’t know what I might get myself into… traveling south of the equator all by my lonesome. Well, it WAS ugly and broke even before it was worn. On top of that, it was completely useless as I flailed around on the dance floor at a gay bar somewhere near El Obelisco. In retrospect, I wish a friend of mine had versed me in on a perfect little gem for the party-going traveler who just wants to ‘ditch the muthaf$@in purse.’ Designed as an alternative to carrying a purse, The GalPal is ‘IT’ for a night on the town or travel. Keep in mind, you can’t wear it with dresses or skirts, but you can wear it with jeans and pants. Attach it around the ankle, imagine you’re Lara Croft or Lotta Loves A lot from some future Bond flick, and discretely stash your necessities (lipstick, condom, credit cards, infrared scanning device, cell phone) in its handy compartments. Perfect for traveling through airports when you want to have your ID, phone, and keys handy, it’s also great for outdoorsy types who want to be hands-free of keys or a phone.

So do me a favor…. ditch the muthaf$@ckin purse.

(And Love… A Lot)

Available in an array of colors, the GalPal retails for $22.95.



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