A Flair Necessity: Get Frocked

Look, I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Sometimes we don’t always want to write about our favorite things because then every Tom, Dick, and Harry from Sunset Boulevard to the Southland will have them, but I’m a writer so I’m stuck.

I’m forced to cough up the goods.

Ehhm… Leona Edmiston, one of Australia’s leading fashion designers.

Ugh. Sometimes it hurts, but she’ll frock you just right. Whether you want to feel like a sexy secretary from the 40’s, an English Rose, or an Assassin. And travelling in Leona… mama mia! Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but these dresses pack so well that there’s no need to ever iron or dry clean. It’s amazing. Such a good find, in fact, that after I hit ‘Publish’, I’m running to Sunset Blvd. to get good and frocked.

So get outta my way.

That’s right… Frock You.

PS. Did I also mention they serve Australian licorice and frocktails?

Frocks retail for anywhere from $250-$600

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