Carry It On: The Sonya Dakar Jet Set

Listen here. If I have to throw out one more bottle of fancy product because it’s two squirts more than 3/4 of an ounce or get out of line at security to buy some silly plastic bag to hold my liquids…

I’m ‘a gonna scream!

So I’m leaving for Singapore and Thailand in a week. Guess what I need to get MY little paws on?

The Sonya Dakar JET SET.

I’ve known Dakar and her family for years. They’re good peeps. Tough, and kind. Warm, and honest. Her whole family runs the business, one that was once conducted out of a spare bedroom in her home. She says always knew she wanted to solve skin care woes. Later, after she married her loving husband, they had kids. Her four children stirred pots of skin cream in the kitchen while her husband searched Madagascar to the Maldives for every root, twig, and remedy that could calm and cure unruly skin. Now they’re living La Vida Splendida in a fancy schmancy building in Beverly Hills.

You gotta love the American Dream.
Better yet, just love Sonya Dakar.

Here’s one difference between Dakar and other Skin Care Specialists around town. She’s Israeli. That means she practically went to Medical School so that she could do facials in the homeland. She’s bottom line, fast, gives obvious results, asks you a question or two about your long distance love, and she’ll never, ever leave you scarless. I still haven’t figured out how. Ancient secrets from the Exodus? Herbal remedies from the Holy Land? Who cares?! She gives THE MOST EFFECTIVE FACIAL I’ve ever had and there are pictures to prove it. Me, looking like Britney Spears after a fast food bender, weeks later transformed into Jessica Alba after hair and make-up. But no amount of money in the world would let you see my ‘Before’ photos. Sonya’s got ’em under lock and key. So when the best Hollywood dermatologists could do NOTHING for my skin, she was the only one.

She and her products are so good, in fact, that I haven’t seen her in about a year, which is exactly why… I need to travel with them. Lucky for me, she’s just created the Sonya Dakar JET SET, a perfect travel companion with just enough of each product (about ¾ of an ounce) to last on your two week jaunts to Africa, Greece, or Singapore and Thailand (hint, hint). It includes the three basics of your regimen – facial wash, anti-oxidant primer and ultra-light moisturizer – in a satin travel case with a waterproof compartment and room for whatever else travels 3000+ miles with you. She’s even created three sets geared to each major skin type – dry, normal, oily. Fortified with the natural extracts like Frankincense, Geranium and Rosewood, the JET SET retails for $72.00.

But can you really put a price on after-flight glow?

It’s available in August via phone: at 877-72-SONYA

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