Carry It On: The Titan X2

Oh man… I was supposed to wait to tell you guys about this one, but I can’t wait any longer.

A few days ago, I was pitched a piece of luggage called ‘THE TITAN.’ I think, “Ballsy name.” Then I see a photo and think, “Sexy good looks too?” And you know me. If it’s ballsy with sexy good looks, I’m gonna get me one!

Somewhere between Swiss Army sleek and Stefani chic… is the Titan X2.

But first, I want to know this: What’s up with all this great German luggage? Seems those engineering masters have the market covered. Well, works for them, works for me.

It says ‘Yellow’ on the website, but trust me, it’s Orange.
Those cooky Germans! Maybe they’re color blind.
What do I care? I’m about to make a statement.
The best part? It’s made of super light polycarbonate,
handles corners like a champ, comes with it’s own removable dob kit,
and has a “No Matter What” lifetime guarantee.

So, this is what you need to roll in style with me. I’d snatch up the X2 Flash International Carry-on and the Trolley, or the Red (or Pink) 360 series. The Xenon was also named “the best hardcase trolley” by German consumer magazines so you really can’t go wrong with any of ’em. I have the Orange aka. ‘Yellow’ International Carry-on and it’s cute as hell, but it may not be big enough for the likes of you.

Me? I know how to travel light.
(And I hate checking bags)

PS. Wouldn’t you know…
Stefani’s sporting a set in Green.

Hollaback Girl.

(I can’t believe I just said that)

Retails anywhere from $420-$725

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