A Flair Necessity: One Three Way You Won’t Regret

Admit it. You like variety. That’s cool. I like variety too. Problem is this…

I’ve got a little angel on one shoulder that tells me what I ought to be doing. Good thing that little angel says: “Do a three way… the organic way.”

You know as well as I do… The Three Way is always a real challenge, but this is one three way you’ll never forget. 100% Organic Cotton, hand-made in glorious LA, and perfect for versatile travel style. Made by Earth & Sky, a sustainable style company founded by Karen Kanananen and Samantha Robinson, their love of fashion and concern for the planet brings a line with deconstructed seams, raw hems, and hand-dyed colors. Relaxed and well crafted, sing after me… ‘Transformer… more than meets the eye…’

Retails for $124.00

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