Carry It On: Balm Voyage! Cosmetic Junkies Unite!


Have I mentioned that I only travel light? That means light moisturizer, make-up, and hair care. No sooner had I searched for Eva Longoria’s beauty secret (FYI – it’s Enjoue’s Satin Primer), when I came across a beauty website that had some of the finest custom blended colors anywhere.

Welcome to Cosmetic Junkies… (, a site run by a family of beauty-tastic professionals that know more about color, hair, and cosmetics than anyone I’ve met in years. After training as a color educator for Goldwell and traveling the Southwest and East coast teaching, the Nusskerns learned beauty inside and out.

After they moved to New York and established a salon, Val, Head Proprietor and heart & soul of the group, got back to her passion for make-up. After all, her mama was a buyer for cosmetic stores in the Deep South. As most salons and stores now cater to the big names, Val goes to the best names; the ones you need to search for. In essence, she does all the work for you.

My vote for travel buffs?

Balm Voyage, a trio of three sexy colors with names like Daddy’s Girl, Beauty Queen, and Cocoa My Coconut.

It’s luxury travel make-up for the hot traveling babe in you.

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