Carry It On: Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Kit

I was sitting on the patio of my Four Seasons Koh Samui bungalow when my favorite Head of PR, Maria Kuhn, mentioned jet lag, the harshest of travel ailments (second, of course, to E. Coli and Montezuma’s Revenge).

While lapping up the fresh island breeze, Ms. Kuhn filled me in on a little travel secret…. Sodashi, an Australian line of products second to none in the realm of travel goodies. Combining Sodashi’s most refreshing and uplifting products to rejuvenate during extensive periods of travel, their Jet Lag Recovery Kit features convenient travel sizes of their top travel products including:

• 30ml Jet Lag Recovery Gel
• 50ml Jet Lag Recovery Mist
• 30ml Eye Lifting Gel
• 30ml Rehydrating Face & Neck Moisturiser
• 30ml Hand Rescue Cream

My favorites include the Jet Lag Recovery Gel, a cooling gel formulated to ‘uplift and revive the mind and body during long periods of travel.’ Applied to pulse points every three hours during travel, it strengthens mental clarity and awareness and helps the body’s digestion with key active ingredients including grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and ginger. The Jet Lag Recovery Mist, a fortifying mist, can be used regularly during and after travel to cool the skin and keep the mind and body feeling fresh when you’re about ready to fall over. One of the key active ingredients includes geranium which provides a balancing effect on the skin. All products are available online so stop dragging your feet and start feeling jet set fresh.

Stay tuned for the next two weeks where Jaunt will uncover the best off-the-radar picks for LA and Maui!

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