A Flair Necessity: For the Quick Jaunt

This just in from fashion savvy friend, Matt Meyerson. Hip, travel-friendly goodies perfect for Valentine’s Day. We here at Jaunt carry six sturdy canvas shopping bags (@ $4.00/each) for all our grocery shopping needs. We then personalize them with our own cute needlepoint, but Local Celebrity’s new organic tote bag is ready-made and benefits Global Green USA. $22.00

We also love:

Assorted Local Celebrity Motivational Tees (www.localcelebrity.com) – $25.00-$27.00

The WWF Vintage Tee – $25.00

$2.00 donated to the World Wildlife Fund. It may not be much, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

We know it’s winter, but it’s always summer SOMEWHERE, right? Cameron Diaz shimmies around in Le Doux so we do too.

Le Doux Swimwear (www.ledouxswimwear.com) – $120.00

Guess what? Bootcut is back! Wide-leg jeans, high-waisted pants, the flare… do you dare? The hippie girl in Jaunt says, “Finally! Down with the skinny jean! Down!”

Try out Fidelity Denim’s assortment of chic cuts. Make sure you order 1-2 sizes larger as they’re cut small (no, you’re not fat, gorgeous). We like the ‘Lily’ High-Rise Bootcut and the ‘Hyacinth,’ a Five-Pocket Trouser Leg (www.fidelitydenim.com) – $198.00

Last, but not least… we get cooolllllddd when we travel which is exactly why we need the following:

True Love and False Idols (www.trueloveandfalseidols.com) hoodies. Prices vary anywhere from $60.00-$325.00 for cashmere hoodies. We like their vibrant intricate prints and silky lining.

Next up? Stay tuned for The Amazon, baby. We’ll feature a swanky organized Peruvian adventure, as well as a shamanistic journey deep into the jungles of your troubled little soul. As always, send suggestions or questions to our Editor-in-Chief and we’ll be sure to answer your travel queries as soon as goddessly possible.

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