Carry It On: The Future is Lookin’ Bright

Well, I’ll be…
Just when I start to lose faith in my fellow man (even with all that Obama Hope Hype), he/she goes and does something really cool. So much for talk, this is action. It may be a prototype, but if the Nords continue to be as eco-awesome as they’ve been in the last five to ten years, I see the Photon stuffed in every stocking from London to Los Angeles. What’s the Photon? you ask. Just a portable solar panel strap attached to a handy bag that will power that battery-hungry iLife of yours, that’s what.

Intended for everyday and extreme mobile use, the solar strap is designed for – of all things – paddlers, and consists of a flat waterproof dry-bag, a mobile phone case and a shoulder strap. Solar cells have been placed in the strap to maximize their exposure to the sun so that you can use it to charge that pesky fifteen-minute strong cell battery.

Designed by Kari Sivonen, part of the architectural firm, Valvomo, out of Helsinki, this cool gadget was created for a traveling exhibition project called ‘SAUMA’ meaning ‘Seam’ [Design As Cultural Interface], featuring contemporary innovative design from Finland.

Fin-land. Fuck Yeah!
(Perhaps they should re-write the Team America theme song?)
Prototype made by Clothing+

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