NYC: Xanadu & You

Remember the days when you were a beautiful bouncy blonde with a voice like Olivia Newton and long coltish legs that skated into some shiny hot pants? Me neither, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

XANADU, an all-out freewheelin’ party on wheels, is still going strong; thrilling audiences with it’s hilarious take on the 1980 Olivia Newton-John flick, a veritable must see for anyone stressed out in New York City and in need of a good laugh. Now that all those strikes are over, you need Broadway and she needs you.

Told by master Broadway playwright, Douglas Carter Beane, Xanadu is about a muse from ancient Greece sent to Earth to inspire a struggling artist. And you know Jaunt… we adore anything relating to ancient Greece, a muse, and struggling artists. Particularly if there’s singing and roller-skating involved. Plus, Kerry Butler plays the lead and she’s about as close to Olivia as anyone’s gonna get, right down to that sweet Aussie accent.

Her hunky co-star, Cheyenne Jackson, appropriately dubbed by the NY Post as “The Sexiest Man on Broadway” brings a set of acting and singing chops, proving, once and for all, that a man really can have movie star good looks and exceptional stage skills. When he sings “Don’t Walk Away”, shivers just might roll up your spine and set off a string of fireworks.

The best part? The music of Xanadu. All Top 10 hits from the 1980’s written by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and John Farrar. The New York Times calls it “Heaven on Wheels”, the Daily News “90 minutes of hilarity” and New Yorker Magazine… “The Most Fun You Will Have on Broadway!”

How’s that for the perfect weekend matinee? A certifiable party, complete with glowsticks and dancing in the aisles. It’s more fun than making out with a hot co-worker in a storage closet at the company Christmas party. And everyone knows how much fun that is (until Monday morning, of course).

Xanadu. It’s guilt-free fun entertainment. Sort of like Snackwell’s… with a little ice-cream on top. Let’s face it, you could use a good dose of roller party after busting your hump all week. You’ll feel like a kid again.

For tickets to Xanadu at the Helen Hayes Theatre:

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