Mexico: Yo Quiero Conchinita y El Caribe

Playa del Carmen, Mayan Riviera

When most people think of Mexico they might think of loud Americans with fanny packs heading to Cabo for a cold Corona, but the real Mexico… she’s somethin’ else entirely. Yes, I am enamored with Mexico. Aside from the fact that I’ve fallen in love there on more than one occasion, she’s still, in so many wonderful ways, undiscovered country. Sure, she can dangerous, untrustworthy, and macho, but she’s full of riches. Sometimes I wonder why she suffers so… this wild country of margaritas, ruins, rugged hills, tumbling waves, crystal waters, and more chiles than you can handle. Then I remember… she can’t really be trusted, and if a people can’t really trust themselves, then who can they trust? Ah, yes… other countries may capture my soul, but Mexico, she has mi corazon (y mi Chichen Itza).

This Jaunt will take you to Mexico’s caribe, but stay tuned as we break down Mexico into the breathtaking regions that give the country her rich history and her renegade spirit.

Locals have been known to ask the secret aid of Mayan curanderos (healers) to mend a broken heart or cure a pesky ailment, but visitors flock to the Riviera Maya for the healing properties found in the sweet Caribbean lobster, electric blue waters, ancient ruins, and nightlife teeming with sleek European and South American tourists seeking out the relaxed bohemian vibe.

Situated on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s a land of ancient tradition stretching from Punta Brava to Tulum. Tropical mangroves, exotic chiles, and achiote lend wild flavor to an already lively region of locals and ex-pats. In addition to the cozy port town of Playa del Carmen where Ula Gula (5th Avenue and Calle 10) traps guests with their fresh fish entrees, there are countless Caribbean gems that offer travelers a chance to find seclusion and sophistication away from the throngs of Cancun party-goers.

When to Go:

The best time to visit is during the winter, spring and summer months. Hurricane season is typically summer into fall.

What to Do:

Take in the ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza, relax with unique spa offerings, snorkel/scuba in the second largest coral reef in the world, and visit hidden cenotes (sinkholes) or the caves of Aktun Ha with a local guide. Don’t miss dinner at John Gray’s Kitchen in Puerto Morelos (Av Niños Heroes, Lote 6 Puerto Morelos Tel: 998-871-0449) and cocktails in Playa at Fly (5th Avenue), Hotel Deseo, and Om. For brunch, I’m a fan of 100% Natural.

Where to Stay:
Paraiso de la Bonita $$$$$

One word. Gorgeous. One more… DELUXE. Translated from Spanish, “Paradise of a Beautiful Woman” is the ultimate sexy retreat for the hotel connoisseur. The definition of privacy and sophistication, it’s located in Puerto Morelos twelve miles south of the Cancun Airport. From airport pickup in Lincoln Navigators to piano concerts and culinary afternoons with the chef, there are ninety ocean view suites on fourteen acres of beach, mangrove, and gardens. Open courtyards lead to private plunge pools, Bulgari amenities, and fountain filled paths. Reflecting pools make it designed to feel like a five-star private residence rather than a hotel. Mediterranean, Indian, and Balinese artifacts create a decidedly island chic getaway.

Maroma Resort
Located ten minutes from Playa del Carmen, Maroma is a favorite among my Hollywood friends. A sophisticated, yet rustic hideaway located on a beach front portion of a coconut plantation, it’s among the finest resorts in Mexico. Built in the tradition of a Mexican hacienda, this sixty-four room resort boasts a powder soft white-sand beach named “Top Beach of the World’s 10 Best Beaches” by the Travel Channel and Forbes. Beautiful unspoiled beaches and over a hundred cenotes offer an eco-adventure or exotic escape. Don’t leave without trying the Goddess/God Ritual, two hours of relaxation which begins with the burning of copal, the sacred resin of the Burrsera tree, and ends with chamomile tea poured over your body and a two person Lomi-Lomi massage.

For those who want to get their groove on with the likes of old Italian movie projections set to the beat of local house DJ’s, head to Playa del Carmen and try:

Hotel Deseo ( and fellow Habita property, Hotel Basico (

I’m a fan of Deseo for drinks, but it could get a bit loud if you’re staying there as well. The bar is right outside the rooms. I stayed at the Blue Mosquito in Playa as well, but wasn’t that impressed. For a fraction of the price, you can stay at any number of spots on Fifth Avenue.

PS. For the true diehard Jauntophile who would rather be in the quaint town of Playa, but doesn’t want to break the bank, I have a list of what I lovingly refer to as ‘secret’ hotels… we’re talking $45-$75/night gems that I have personally scouted out and stayed, but guess what… you’ll have to send an email expressing your genuine interest, otherwise, they’ll become entirely too popular and you know what’ll happen next, don’t you? That’s right… they’ll raise the prices. We simply can’t have that now, can we?

Now Vaya Con Dios!

A Flair Necessity: Pangea Organics

Pangea. How many bars, restaurants, and companies have promised you the world by taking this great concept and making it a reality? It’s certainly an honorable name for such an ambitious ideal. Deriving from the Greek, the word literally means ‘Entire Earth’ and is based on the super-continent that existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras (that’s about 250 million years ago), long before the continents split apart and shifted to become the earth we now know.

And what do we know?

Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Scrub ($33) by Pangea Organics, that’s what. It may sound like something good enough to eat with a side of brown rice, but that’s exactly why we covet it. These exotic organic products are earth-friendly right down to their Zero Waste bio-degradable box with, get this… basil seeds planted right inside! Yes, you can wiggle your green thumb with pride by simply slipping off the label, soaking the box in water, and planting it into the ground!

So scrub your porcelain cheeks knowing full well that you’re also able to directly have a hand in creating some much-needed oxygen in the world. Now listen up. They might be charging a bit more than your run-of-the-mill grocery store brands, but they’re certainly much cheaper than Chanel or Creme de la Mer.

If that’s not all, they’re developing the Pangea Institute, a non-profit dedicated to researching and teaching all aspects of sustainable living and business practices. An education center and ‘incubator for earth ideas,’ under the leadership of Civil Engineer Jon Previtali, they’ve invited architects, designers, visionaries, artists, students and amateurs to design a mixed-use community plan that will house the Pangea Institute, the Pangea Organics manufacturing facility and community housing.

Talk about Entire Earth.

Pssst… we also heart their Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom lip balm rich in vitamins, nutrients and a deliciously awesome scent. $13

LAX: The Luxe Layover

Finally! A hot hotel near LAX for the design-driven diva in need of some budget-conscious digs.

The Custom Hotel, located at the southwest corner of Lincoln and Manchester near Marina Del Rey, is Avi Brosh’s answer to the luxe layover. An ultra-modern 250-room hotel intended to fill a void in the LAX area, The Custom was originally designed by Welton Beckett, the renowned mid-century architect known for his modernist approach with LA landmarks like the Capitol Records building, Cinerama Dome, and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Now, with the help of Brosh’s Palisades Development Group, the 12-floor hotel has undergone an extensive renovation, transforming the tower into a sleek contemporary space.

Accents include a stadium sundeck, an outdoor heated pool, poolside tapas bar, fire pit and DJ lounge.

“We saw a need in this area of Los Angeles for a lifestyle-driven hotel that caters to a customer looking for great design at a modest price,” said Avi Brosh, President of Palisades Development Group. “Over 80% of transient business to L.A. stays near LAX, and those travelers are craving some place fresh and fun to visit. It will be the antidote to boring beige airport hotels.”

We agree, Avi. Beige is such a snooze.

The hotel boasts some of the city’s most panoramic views, including those of the ocean, Malibu, Hollywood Hills and Downtown LA and features espresso check-in, a 24-hour restaurant, live DJ’s nightly, layover rooms and numerous lounges. Rooms include flat screen TV’s, iPod docking and stocked mini bars. Other creature comforts? Complimentary wireless, high-speed Internet and organic bath amenities!! That’s right… our eco-loving spirit gets giddy at the thought of organic products.

Room rates start at just $119/night.

Jaunt says, “Have a lay….over.”