A Flair Necessity: Brixton Hats

How did a couple of SoCal boys from the surfhood develop the coolest caps we’ve seen in years?

And how did they come up with the name Brixton?

Friends from their days at Transworld Media, a publishing company that owns some of your favorite adventure sports titles (Transworld Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Surf), they were influenced by the culture around them and beyond. The name? A Clash song about Brixton (pst. Brixton is a part of London). While hunting for cool hats and accessories for the modern man and woman on the move, they hatched an idea and executed it, developing a line of goods perfect for the lover of surf, music, skateboarding, and art…

So here’s your hat.

Launched in 2004, David Stoddard, Jason Young & Michael Chapin, inspired by vintage designs and the cultures and influences of California, attribute their traditional, yet modern designs to the friends and associates they met through the action sports community.

Our kinda boys.
For wear.
For travel.

That missing piece of the outfit that brings you to the next level.
The cool hat.

Jaunt Magazine says, “Gracias amorcitos.”
The boys and I say check out:

The Clasp Women’s Hat which seems to go with everything, The Castor Brown, unisex hat great for vacation, The Parlor Tan, a great women’s beach hat…

And the Stout Fedora. Completely crushable, you can pack in bags and it will form back to shape no matter how badly you’ve packed it. Phew. Brad Pitt… it’s calling youuuuuu.

Retails from $10.00-45.00



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