A Flair Necessity: Hard Tail Forever (and ever)

Hard Tail.

So many underlying meanings to such a name.

So many well-cut garments to choose from.

Seasonless and effortless, you’re likely already familiar with their famous (and classic) roll down pant, still the top-selling product due to its excellent cut and shape. We wondered how Dick Cantrell, lounge/yoga/casual wear mogul, was able to have such a great handle on the needs of women. That is, until we discovered Cantrell is an ex-fighter pilot.

Certainly, such a man would understand precision and the subtle art of good angles. Like a well-aged Macallan, Cantrell was at the forefront of the industry over fifteen years ago as a sportswear manufacturer rooted in the southern California lifestyle. Bridging the gap between sloppy sweats and uncomfortable pantyhose, Cantrell helped usher in a casual look for both the gym and cafe. Thanks to him, women in California said hello to soft cottons and clothes that breathe. And hello to comfortable, hip fashion.

We covet his pants, hoodies, dresses, and tops. You name it, we want it. That’s why we’re so glad there’s a shop on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Thanks to Dick for not charging an arm and a leg, as we could easily go into debt stocking up on them. They’re quite possibly the softest – and sturdest – of most casual wear and their dying secrets are second to none. Not only has he launched a ‘Green Label’ using only organic cottons, but all products are ‘Made in the USA’ and, we don’t know about you, but we’re tired of seeing ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Bulgaria’ on everything from Prada to Stella McCartney. Forgoing what many consider selling out to cheaper production costs (and little to no worker regulation) overseas, Hard Tail offers quality – and sustainability – to the US market when we need it most.

Go Dick!

Photo Above:
Hard Tail Green Label
Style #: GR-101
An organic cotton rib racer back tank dress in Swamp, perfect for traveling to and from Turks & Caicos this summer.
Retail price: $58.00

Style #: VL-13
A cotton voile bell sleeve beach tunic in Redwood perfect for lounging on the beach as you eye that Club Med cabana boy.
Retail price: $54.00


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