Carry It On: Keen’s Recycled Travel Bags & Totes

Sing along with me…

“Rice, rice baby… do do do… do do do do…”

Jaunt Magazine is headquartered in the heart of Hollywood which invariably means, we love sushi and we really love rice.

It also means we love to recycle and, what better way to pay homage to our love of the all things green, wrapped in seaweed, and reminiscent of the hard labor it takes to toil in the rice fields than to carry a bag that takes a stylish, earth-friendly, and, more importantly, durable, approach to travel and shopping.

Say hello to KEEN’s Hybrid Transport Harvest collection, part of the environmentally-conscious shoe line turned bag and tote maunfacturer.

This large brown tote is a great companion to any summer destination, from the farmers market to the beach. The beauty of these recycled bags? Their individuality – no two are the same, although all feature the same construction thanks to the varied patterns of the material repurposed to make these totes. It features a cushioned shoulder strap handle, internal security pocket, interior pockets to stash small accessories, and interior water bottle pockets.

Materials: Recycled Rice Paper
Color: Brown Recycle

Back in the Fall of 2007, KEEN also launched Hybrid.STAND, an innovative program to promote sustainability through an online contest and campus outreach. KEEN gave $200,000 in grants to individuals and environmental organizations developing projects centered around sustainability. Providing high-quality products to an outdoor community while demonstrating the integrity and leadership of a company truly dedicated to social and environmental commitments, KEEN was also inspired by the 2005 Southeast Asian tsunami to redirect its advertising funds contributing more than $1.5 million to organizations such as the Conservation Alliance, Big City Mountaineers, Medicines Global, and other environmental and social nonprofits.

Talk about not leaving a carbon footprint.

This kind of forward-thinking caught our attention years ago, but it wasn’t until we spotted their Harvest line of recycled rice bags that we really began to realize that their design team is stepping it up a notch.

Call it a Backpack or a knapsack. Just don’t call it “garbage”. Rescued from a fate worse than landfill, this bag uses materials whose lifecycle might have otherwise been underestimated. A durable, formidable, 100% recycled bag for hauling everything you need, wherever it is you’re going. It features: water bottle pockets, an external lid pocket, and internal security pocket.

Materials: Recycled Rice Paper
Color: White Recycle

It goes without saying that when someone is sporting one of these bags it’s a sign that they’re Keenly aware of how to make a mark.

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