South Africa: #1 Game Reserve in the World

If you haven’t seen the incredible footage at Kruger National Park, we recommend visiting Youtube after your little tete-a-tete with Jaunt Magazine.


Because plenty of amazing survival instincts abound.
And we’re all about survival of the fittest (not counting those who amend nature with ‘the knife’).

Speaking of which, now’s the time to give a shout out to Travel + Leisure’s #1 in The World.

South Africa’s:
Singita Sabi Sand.

Giraffes, lions, zebras, elephants. We’re really not sure what more you need, but, perhaps, 45 immaculately designed environmentally friendly lodges deep in the African bush?

Singita Ebony and Singita Boulders are located in the Sabi Sands reserve known for prolific wildlife, while Singita Lebombo and Singita Sweni in Kruger National Park, close to the Mozambique border, offer more of the same and stunning wilderness.

We could go on and on about realizing what life has to offer, conservation, the beauty of Africa, the homeland of every single one of us, but instead we’ll give you this.

A glass and wood cabin at Sweni Lodge for river views, 4 restaurants, 4 bars, and wine tasting in the 14,000-bottle cellar at Boulders Lodge.

5 star Africa.

Kruger National Park

Once you get your game on, don’t you dare forget to give a little back. Here are a few sites for conservation and volunteer travel in South Africa to round out your life-changing trip.

Hamba kahle.
That’s goodbye in Zulu to you.

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