Venice, Italy: The Gondola Massage: Hotel Cipriani

l’amante. i baci. i fiori.
lover. kisses. flowers.

While perusing the latest luxuries in some of the most romantic cities in the world, we spotted this entirely unique Venetian experience, perfect for the swanky solo traveler, blushing newlyweds, or any hot-to-euro trot couple. The new “Gondola Massage” at Hotel Cipriani, one of the finest hotels in the world, is offering a 40-minute massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and face in a private venue near a hidden corner of the Venetian lagoon. A specially-designed mat has been embraces the shape of the gondola for comfort while the hotel’s appropriately named ‘Casanova Spa’ therapists have blended together a special oil – rich in vitamin E and F with a high SPF sunscreen, coffee oil and peach milk – to protect the skin under the sun. The experience ends with a foot massage and the opportunity to relax in the hotel’s garden with iced tea or a glass of crisp pinot grigio.

How’s that for romantic, il mio tesoro?

From $590, booked directly through Hotel Cipriani’s Casanova Spa.

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