Carry It On: Timbuk2’s Travel Ninja

So you wanna be a travel ninja? Ah, my son, well look no further. Hot on the horizon approaches Timbuk2’s brand-new Travel Collection. With innovative designs, it possesses the weapons any ninja demanding fast access to the gate and calm mindfulness through security demands. Even the slowest airport security time warp is no match for the advanced skills facilitated by:

* External laptop access
* Stealth pockets for fast access to boarding pass and passport
* Accessories designed to transition from in-bag to gray-bin to seat-back pocket with ease
* Colors that stand out on the luggage conveyor belt, but blend in like a local in town

Capacity and compartments are built with a one-bag strategy in mind to help spend less time at baggage check and more time checking out the scenery. Designed with speed in mind, The Checkpoint has a bike inspired custom chassis with removable skate wheels. The aesthetic of the Checkpoint is uniquely Timbuk2, standing out compared to legions of droid bags, yet built for stealth efficiency with the following features:

Removable skateboard wheels
Internal shoe pocket
Internal compression
Felt lined internal secret pockets
Outer Security checkpoint organizer pockets (w/ 1 quart bag)
An external, easy access ticket pocket
Available both in medium and large sizes

$250.00 – 22″ Checkpoint
$275.00 – 25″ Checkpoint

Now go, my fellow ninjas. And travel right.

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