MEK Denim: The Journey of the Jean

Talk about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jeans! This denim line has taken traveling to the next level with a concept – and fit – second to none. I mean this with every fiber of my being when I say… MEK Denim has some of the best styles – and fit – that I’ve ever come across. The journey of their jeans is simple – each style is appropriately inspired, and named, after the Owner’s favorite locations around the world.

Feel like a casual jaunt to Boulder? There’s a jean for you. How about a hanging in Dubai? They have a sheik style with your name on it. A night out in Cape Town? No problem! Let your jeans do the traveling with you.

What was the inspiration for the journey of the jean?

“I travel a lot and I have discovered so many facinating places and different cultures which have been rich sources of inspirations for me,” says Founder/Owner, Kevin Chen. “I design every pair of jeans from MEK Denim as an homage to those destinations. I take my visual impressions, the color and flavors of that place and try to capture them in the style of our jeans.”

After graduating from FIT in the early 1990s, Chen immediately started designing with a line of cashmere sweaters and men’s dress shirts and ties for a private label. He then worked on the retail side of the industry with a chain of boutiques. “It was a way for me to understand the different aspects of the business before I was ready to launch MEK in 2005,” Chen explains.

And understand he does. Right down to tasteful embellishments, the perfect amount of stretch, and well-placed pockets that lift that saggy or flat bum straight to the skies.

So why did he choose to design jeans?

“Primarily because jeans know no boundaries. They are so versatile and wearable from casual days to nights out on the town. And yes – they’re the best thing to wear for traveling!”

We agree with you, Kev.
And we’re not just Jauntacholics,
we’re Jeanaholics too.

Retails from $115-$135

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