Maui, Hawaii: HST Windsurfing

Our crew of Jauntaholics is an adventurous bunch. We like to ride fast and feel the wind in our hair and our sails…

Which is exactly why we swear by the instructors at HST Windsurfing. A trip to Maui really isn’t complete without a trip to Kanaha Beach to learn to windsurf or kiteboard. We’ve done both. As a result of our absolute adoration of water sports, we now contribute regularly to Kiteboarding Magazine.

To learn how to kiteboard, you’ll need at least a week or two on the island so that you can get some good wind and take three or more lessons. The good news? All kiteboarding lessons are private and one-on-one with the first lesson running about 3 hours long, depending on conditions. Be sure to ask about their 3 day Learn to Kitesurf course. It’s 9 hrs. over the course of about three days for only $599. That’s what we did and thus began our addiction to wind. We won’t lie… it’s a costly hobby to learn, but once you do, you’ll feel like Superman (or Wonder Woman) zipping through the Hawaiian skies to kite some sweet waves. Ask for Jack, a foreign fox of an instructor or Daniel, if he’s available, a veritable Swedish stud with a firm eye on the waves and your safety. You’ll be in good hands as the waves challenge your swimming skills.

If you have a little less time and a little less cash to spend, we also recommend trying your hand at windsurfing. The good thing about windsurfing is that you’ll likely ride a wave your very first lesson. Our favorite instructor, Jack, is a great first time guide who will certainly make you come back for more.


All entry level equipment included
CLASS 2.5 HOURS, 2 or 3 students with 1 instructor $79 each person
2 class lessons, 5 hours $158
3 class lessons, 7.5 hours $229
4 class lessons, 10 hours $299

PRIVATE LESSONS 1.5 hours One-to-one. $105
Privates are recommended for Levels 3 and up.
Hire an instructor for the whole day $450
2 hrs private instruction with Matt Pritchard $250

All lessons are taught at lower Kanaha Beach Park and include all kite equipment, helmets, integrated impact vest/harness and water shoes.

Cost is $75/hr.

So have a Mai Tai, some lazy beach time in Wailea, and grab a bite at Cafe Mambo or Flatbread in Paia, and surf the great winds of Kanaha. If you don’t, you’ll simply have to admit to yourself… you’re never going to know Maui like a local.

1-800-YOU-JIBE (968-5423)

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