A Vietnam Bargain: The Exotic Vodka Adventure

Kai Vodka

Usually, when we think vodka we’ll be honest… we think of Ruskies (and forty year-old housewives), but this ultra-premium Vietnamese rice vodka quickly caught our staff’s attention for another reason altogether. What does Vietnamese vodka have to do with vacations, you ask? Well, we’re here to tell you. KAI Vodka, the world’s only ultra-premium rice vodka handcrafted in Vietnam, has announced a special Vietnam travel package in conjunction with Pleasant Holidays.

So drink up! KAI, distilled in northern Vietnam from the rare and highly prized yellow blossom rice that grows only in the country’s Red River Delta, is the first product of its kind to be exported from Vietnam, while KAI Lychee is the only vodka to be infused with the sweet subtropical lychee fruit. The country’s 600-year history of making vodka only adds to KAI’s exotic mystique.

Vietnam 2Designed to give le vodka connoisseur the chance to experience and learn about its unique origin, we say… vodka with a cultural incentive?  We’re into that.

The KAI Exotic Vietnam Adventure (KEVA) is a custom packaged excursion that offers tours from 8-14 days including round-trip airfare, all transfers and tours, accommodations, and featured meals at KAI Vodka’s recommended culinary and nightlife destinations along the way with carefully selected Vietnamese translators and guides.

Vietnam Rice FieldsYou’ll visit all the hot spots like Saigon, Hanoi, and Halong Bay allowing guests to experience the rich culture, vibrant towns, and phenomenal beauty.

The KEVA Eight Day Package includes:

· Round trip air from Los Angeles or San Francisco on Cathay Pacific
· Overnight accommodations
· Cruise of the Halong Bay
· Sightseeing in Hanoi and Saigon
· A blend of classic and contemporary excursions
· Select meals
· Transfers, gratuities, and taxes

Starting at only $2,649 per person – $3,575 per person for 14 days, it’s also a real bargain.

VietnamKAI Vodka’s Managing Director Marcus Bender had this to say: “Vietnam has become one of the top 10 travel destinations according to Condé Nast Traveler and seduces visitors with its exotic mystique. A true fusion of eastern and western cultures lies at its heart, blending over 50 different ethnic groups, including Chinese and French influences. It is this rich and complex influence that is the essence of KAI Vodka.”

Jaunt says: “True dat!”

LA-based Pleasant Holidays have developed the perfect Vietnam experience blending city and country, relaxation and adventure. Hiking, biking, kayaking, and select dinners of traditional and contemporary cuisine, as well as ‘must see’ tours of off-the-beaten-path adventures, are all included. They’ll even advise travelers of restaurants, nightclubs, and adventures in each city.

So maybe it’s time for Jaunt to get over it’s ‘only Ruskies and 40 year-old housewives drink vodka’ thing, no?

That would be a ‘Vâng.’


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