Amsterdam: citizenM – Luxury on a Budget

Finally! Affordable European travel is back. Explorers, culture-seekers, professionals and shoppers, take note.

citizenM – short for ‘Citizen Mobile’ – is a hot new line of modern, luxury budget hotels in Amsterdam (and soon more parts of Europe). When it comes to design, think IKEA clean meets Capellini chic. Known for their style, great value, and excellent locations in Amsterdam, citizenM offers the latest technology, a social atmosphere, a funky fresh setting, comfortable bed and great pillows because, as they say, ‘you can never, ever underestimate the pillow.’
Approachable, sleek, and worldly, how do they do it?

The answer lies in their construction called ‘Industrial Flexible Demountable’, rooms are pre-made in their own special factory off-site. This factory ensures that citizenM’s rooms are of a comparable quality to that of a luxury yacht or private jet. Only the best materials are used and their modular system combines functionality with comfort and design. Their goal just might be the future of design in the hotel industry. Keep your eyes open as hotels are planned across Europe – in all major cities – such as: London, Barcelona, Glasgow, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Copenhagen, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw, Budapest to name a few.

From €89 and up.

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