Park Hyatt’s Healthy Living Menu

In a rush, but don’t want to down an omelette on the way to the airport?

Recognizing that Jaunty guests want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Park Hyatt hotels has teamed up with renowned Brazilian nutritionist, Patricia Teixeira, to combat the lack of quick healthy options with the launch of their Healthy Living menu. We think these drinks look great. We also think the Park Hyatt is underrated when it comes to service and quality.

Noted for her nutritional work with international sports figures in her native Brazil and abroad (David Beckham among them), and drawing on her background in physiology and sports biochemistry, Teixeira has developed a selection of smoothies and juices exclusively for Park Hyatt. Teixeira has crafted these fresh organic concoctions to target specific ailments that frequently plague the weary traveler, from immune system deficiencies to jet lag. The menu includes descriptions of ingredients and their specific health benefits, as well as recommendations on the best time of day to consume each selection.

The Healthy Living at Park Hyatt menu includes smoothies and juices such as:

GOOD ENERGY JUICE contains carrots, apples and spinach, which assist in balancing blood sugar levels and supporting digestion.

DIGESTION JUICE is prepared with high fiber fruits such as kiwi and pineapple, which make food travel slowly through the digestive tract, enhancing the absorption of important nutrients.

ANTI-JET LAG JUICE contains kale, which is effective for detoxification, and pumpkin seeds, which assist in producing the body’s sleep hormone – melatonin.

So we say, “Chug it! Chug it!”

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