NYC: A Boutique Hotel in the Heart of the City

Finding a hotel in New York is easy. Finding a hotel that’s quiet, spacious, and reasonably priced is another story. That’s what motivated us to mention The Fitzpatrick Hotels, two family-owned boutique hotels that offer all of the above and pride themselves on European style with personalized service.

We stayed at the recently renovated Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel located in the heart of the city’s most popular retail district at 687 Lexington Avenue between East 56th and East 57th Street. Impressed with the absolute calm in the heart of such bustle was impressive, it’s perfectly situated just a few blocks from Central Park and the Guggenheim. All 91 guest rooms and suites have been renovated with owner John Fitzpatrick actively involved in re-designing every area of the hotel, drawing inspiration from the finest country estates of Ireland. The finished product is perfect for couples, small families, and business travelers… a quiet sanctuary in midtown that is both warm and elegant.

Both properties offer deluxe accommodations including traditional Irish canopy beds with pillow-top mattresses (so comfortable it was hard to get out of bed!), Irish chocolates at turndown, high speed wireless internet, and spacious bathrooms. The hotel restaurants, The Wheeltapper, at the Fitzpatrick Grand Central, and The Fitz, in the Fitzpatrick Manhattan, offer traditional Irish cuisine with a modern flare and a dark sexy bar setting that is discrete enough for that fly-by-night romance. We give it two thumb’s up and plan to tell our business associates and relatives next time they’re looking for a well-priced and comfortable spot near all the major museums and restaurants.

Room rates from $179

Also not to be missed. Right down the street at the Hiro Haraguchi salon on 41 East 57th Street at the corner of Madison and East 57th Street, there’s a luxe organic hair treatment developed by resident stylist Mordechai Alvow. The line of organic essential oils called ‘YAROK’ promises to give new life to drab tresses. We recommend checking out the latest Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim, grabbing some lunch an an outdoor boite, and then heading your weary tresses to Hiro Haraguchi’s salon. Mordechai Alvow’s on-going quest for performance-driven products healthy for clients and the environment motivated him to create YAROK, a blend of base and essential oils, handpicked for their medicinal and sensory benefits throughout history, and grown so as to retain the highest possible concentration of nutrients.

Each of the seven serums is designed to deliver a heightened sensory experience while addressing seven specific scalp and hair conditions in both men and women, resulting from blow-drying, chemical processing, product overload, free radical assaults and everyday stress — offering a personalized solution for lifeless hair.

Seven Nourishing YAROK Serums include:

· Serum 2: Real Brunettes with Rosemary and Hemp Oil — Rosemary, a naturally stimulating essential oil, controls dandruff and encourage hair growth. It also preserves all shades of brown hair. Hemp Oil, derived from essential fatty acids, is believed to aid in healing.

· Serum 6: Booster For Men with Jasmine and Camellia Oil — Recommended for frequent flyers whose traveling — and high altitudes in general — creates a moisture imbalance in the scalp which over time, coupled with stress, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition (as well as genetics), can lead to hair loss and thinning. Jasmine Oil is a fast-acting hydrator that helps reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss that can dry out scalp and hair, while Camellia Oil is a super-moisturizer.

Treatment is $100.
Individual serums for take-home use $60.

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