Family Travel: Mamapedia

Lately, we’ve been hanging out with a bunch of real babies.

And we don’t mean the adult kind that are too afraid to climb mountains or repel into valleys. No, we’re talking about the burping, crying, eating, and napping kind. It sure made us realize a few overwhelming things about life (which we’ll save for another story). It also made us realize that even cool moms need travel advice. So, just as school is out, families everywhere are looking for great getaways, vacation ideas, and summer camps – and we found a website that makes it easier than ever.

Mamapedia is a one-stop-shop where moms can ask a question or pose a search on an array of topics – everything from local day camps to cheap vacation ideas, or how to entertain the kids on a long car ride – – and get fast and complete answers from the real experts- other moms!

There’s no registration or fee required to search and find, with just a few clicks of the mouse, the right spot for your own crying, eating, burping, napping family. Every time a question or search is entered, a series of answers will come into play – and then moms can take the answers and insight that make sense for their family. More than a million answers are at their fingertips.

So, if you got knocked up and now need to figure out how to relax (or send your little darling away for the summer), we think you should check it out.

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