Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children

They say that people have more children during a Depression. Hmmm… Well, judging from the amount of snappy strollers and bouncing Bugaboo’s on the streets, I’d have to say that things must be looking up! Or down. Babies, I dare say, are simply everywhere that we turn. And, although some of them are damn cute, things start to go south when they’re on the airplane getting colicky or in the back seat of the car asking (incessantly), “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” So, to better help our friends with family, here’s a new Lonely Planet guide just for you. Lonely Planet, assembling a team of parent-authors, are offering their best ideas and advice about every aspect of traveling with kids – from planning to packing to getting along on the road (and what to do when things go wrong) in the fifth edition of Travel with Children published July 2009. Fully revised and redesigned, this new edition of Travel with Children features:

Tips on choosing the right kind of trip for your family
Details on all kinds of vacations, from Activity & Adventure Holidays to Package Holidays & Resorts

How to keep them happy
Games to make long trips easier, how to create a child-friendly itinerary, and dealing with your child’s ‘culture shock’

Info on living abroad and long-term travel for young families

How to stay healthy and keep safe by a medical expert
A run-down of common immunizations, what you should bring with you in a first-aid kit, and travel related health issues.

Special advice for solo parents and parents with teenagers
Each situation has its own set of challenges and their authors give practical advice on how to stay sane and create boundaries.

Traveler’s Tales
Authors describe their most memorable family trips – and tell you what worked and what didn’t.

So if you’re knocked up, know someone who is, or you already have a growing brood of your own, this could be the perfect reference guide or gift for them (or you)!

Just don’t say I told you to go out and get pregnant…


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