Hakobe: LA’s Latest Japanese Restaurant

New Los Angeles Restaurants HakobeHer name is Asako and she owns Hakobe, the latest restaurant on La Cienega’s Restaurant Row. The Row is tough to beat, competing with the likes of Matsuhisa, but Asako has done her best to assemble some of the top sushi chefs and operation staff to help her deliver a unique fine dining experience in the grand standard of the omakase style. Dishes like Steamed Sea bass in Light Soy Sauce Broth, Asparagus wrapped Wagyu, Baked Mussels with garlic butter sauce, Oysters on a half shell and various sushi rolls, make Hakobe well worth a visit.

Hip New LA Restaurant Hakobe

Tomo Kohyama, the Head Sushi Chef at Hakobe, is a master sushi chef having been trained in the art of sushi in his native Japan, as well as in some of the best kitchens in Los Angeles such as Chaya Venice, Katana and Koi.  In addition to his mastery of sushi, Tomo is classically trained in Japanese-French cuisine as well as California cuisine under the tutorage of the father of California cuisine, the great Wolfgang Puck.

So what are you waiting for? A flight to Nippon with your cuplet of sake?


14 La Cienega Blvd. Beverley Hills, CA  90211

P: 310.652.0007

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