Vacation Photos Get Artsy Fartsy

Wedding Gifts - Photography on CanvasRemember that photo you took a few years ago when everyone said, “Wow! You’ve got such a great eye!  Have you ever thought about becoming a photographer?” You smiled smugly and said, “You know, you’re not the first person who’s said that…” Or how about that photo of you in a flowered sundress and straw hat with the sun and sea at your back as your smile beams, ‘That’s right… I’m on the Riviera and you’re not.’ So do we.  It’s been on your Facebook page forever. So we say, why not immortalize yourself and your loved ones the new fashioned modern way. Turn them into art. Chic Canvas has taken this old idea of a ‘normal photo’ by recreating it into art. Yes, now you can be the artist and the muse.  Starting their business over 20 years ago, Chic Canvas has mastered the art of fine tuning and customizing photos using the giclee printing process to print photographs onto a stretched canvas. This refined printing process makes extra fine resolution possible allowing the retention of detail of the original. Chic Canvas photo reproductions last for decades without wear and decay. Now, you can upload any photo (300 dpi or better) and within just one week receive your customized keepsake.  Turn your precious little memories into beautiful works of art or give one as a gift.  We think it’s a great idea and it looks damn good too.  Canvas sizes range from 8” X 10” to 40” X 60” and start at $65, with custom sizing and orders available.

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