Sonoma: Wine Tasting… and Racing?

audi on track

Over a year ago we wrote up a racing school in Sonoma because we thought… How romantic! Wine tasting one day, flying down a track at high speeds the next. And really… what better way to fulfill both sides of your multi-faceted personality? Now, the Emotive Group and Audi are kickin’ it up a notch.  Created in 2007, the Audi Sportscar Experience is a track-based, hands-on driving experience designed especially for enthusiasts who love to drive, appreciate exceptional vehicle engineering, and are committed to improving their driving skills. Operating year-round from the Audi Forum Sonoma, located trackside at Turn 1 of Infineon Raceway in Sonoma Valley, they use a variety of vehicles from among the Audi R, RS, and S model lines taking drivers through a rigorous, behind-the-wheel instructional driving program at one of the most challenging race tracks in North America.  With its 160-foot elevation changes, challenging corners and breathtaking scenery, the 2.5-mile Infineon course has been aptly described as a small Nurburgring. The Audi Sportscar Experience includes half-, one- and two-day programs. So save your sobriety for a day at the track and let us know just how well you did on those hairpin turns.

A complete schedule can be found at:

Prices range from $695 – $4295

Address: Audi Forum Sonoma

Turn 1, Infineon Raceway

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