Los Roques, Venezuela: Diving & Sailing Adventures

Los Roques Venezuela Diving Honeymoon

Los Roques… every time I meet a spicy little Venezuelan they tell me, “Go to Los Roques!” Protected since 1972, the sexy archipelago, blocked by two reef barriers, one north to south and the other east to west, is an island chain popular among in-the-know South Americans and Europeans. Similar in size to the complete Northern Caribbean Virgin Islands, the water is a clear and varied range of bright blues, similar to the stunning shades found in the Marquesas and the Maldives. Highlighted by the white sands and deep greens of the mangrove swamps, it’s one of the last places where you can still see vibrant reef. There’s diving, sailing, and sport-fishing for bonefish (Macabi, Pez ratton), otherwise known as Lady Fish, the grey ghost of the shoals found in the tropical sea of Central America, the Caribbean and Florida coasts, and numerous keys provide a variety of marine settings – sand beaches, rock beaches with strong surf, bays with still water, coastal reef or barrier, lagoons and salt mines.

The best accommodations are the Posadas. Posadas belonging to the local inhabitants or former fishermen’s wives are usually more simple and inexpensive with intermediate Posadas (remodeled houses) and top of the line Posadas that are incredible blends international architecture and dinner time is always quite an event, planned during the day and living up to Latin hospitality.

This is a great site for accommodations on boat or land. Since the island chain is small, food and dining are readily available and easy to spot!



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