Most Stylish Winter Coat in the World

Eden-LBlack-MackageLookBook-00190_HRWe’re obsessed with Mackage. Before we took off for Europe, we said to ourselves, “Selves… you need an amazing coat. Something that doesn’t go out of style. Something that says ‘unique’… and ‘chic’.” What we found (after sifting through countless Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Prada coats (surprisingly made in Bulgaria) was Mackage.

Oh Mackage… we hunted you down and now we can’t get enough of you. So, as you consider shelling out some clams for a winter coat (that will surely get all the attention it deserves), we say… “Get thee to a store near you or order a Mackage coat online!”

The truth is… we didn’t even want to share this insider coat tip. We wanted to be the rare beauty in our Mackage coat languishing on a Parisian street corner sipping our double espresso. The good news is that we’re sharing this with you – our loyal readers – because we think… if you’re good enough to search our pages, you’re good enough to know our secrets.

Pictured above in the Eden jacket. A Bolero with 3/4 layered sleeves and large pockets in lace bonded wool. Just one of their many hot coats.

Retails for $680

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