Eagle Castle Winery, Paso Robles

Managing Editor, Candace Poole, spent a busy week of Golden Globe hopping and reports back to us with her ‘treats from the suites.’

I’ve often said, “In my next life, I’ll grow the grapes that make all the dates in my life worthwhile.” For myself, a winery is a sacred place so, when I caught wind of the Eagle Castle Winery in Paso Robles, just a three hour drive from LA, I was planning my next trip. This particular winery is situated high on the hills of Paso Robles and looks like a path to heaven. A vintner is not only a seller of wine, but one whom truly wants to serve a product that pleases.  A unique person is one who desires to give their very best.

Meeting briefly with some of the staff from Eagle Castle, I was once again shown that the idea of serving is alive and well. Jeannie Beattie, the Marketing and Publicity Director, was warm and friendly, inviting me to taste the wines they were presenting at a pre-Golden Globes charitable gifting event called ‘Madison & Mulholland’ artfully put on by Jane Ubell-Meyer, CEO of Madison & Mulholland. The lively, fun-filled atmosphere was a welcome break from the usual flurry of celebs and throngs of journalists that frequent crowded Award Season Gifting Suites. Following my introduction to Ms. Beattie, I had a chance to meet with Executive Chef, Ryan Swarthout, from The Crown Room (located at the winery), a sweet young man who seems at top of his game. After feeding me a bite of Dungeness Crab Cake, I was all in!  An elegant woman nearby suggested to close with their 2007 Gold Medal winning Chardonnay ($18) as I made a mental note to drive up the coast for a taste of their 2008 Syrah Rosé ($14) which won BEST of SHOW – 2009 at the San Diego International Wine Competition. A bouquet of strawberries, spice, and a multi-award winning rosé… what’s not to love? I was also privy to the inside scoop on their 2008 Viognier ($25), reminiscent of a tropical breeze and pineapple with a hint of apricot to liven up the palette. The first in a series of new discoveries, I’ll be sure to re-visit.

More to follow on Paso Robles as, just like every frustrated writer, I’m long overdue for another Sideways-like adventure where I wax poetic about the virtues of Pinot Noir.

Eagle Castle Winery ~ A Flagship Winery on the Central Coast of California.


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