Sphatika’s Luxe Travel Kit

We are always looking for better, easier and smaller ways to save space when packing for that amazing vacation or even business trip.

While at an event in Los Angeles recently, I took a quick run through a pre -Golden Globes event at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, scouting treasures that add an element of the new while ever seeking the perfect fit for our goal, the travel kit.

I found it tucked in a nook of one of the suites chock full of spa products. Now, I find spas the ultimate gift we give to ourselves at any given destination, but I was not fully prepared for the dream travel kit to be packaged in a small turquoise outlined white terry bag.

An array of treatment serums, masks, exfoliating creme, body gels and lotions were tucked inside, every one of them designed to do exactly what they said they’d do but with the added and most important detail that so personally appeals to me: No list of ingredients that are unrecognizable. Nothing synthetic, no petro-chemicals, no parabens, no lauryl sulfate and no animal testing. It is a company dedicated to a holistic skincare regime.

As I perused the  array of product, I was told about the Sphatika spa in New York City.  I made a mental note to get there sometime during the year, but could not ignore my readers who are always looking for products that travel and do the work! When I asked about traveling with product,  Salina, the lovely woman working at the event, lit up and pulled out a small white bag designed to tuck into place taking up so little room it shocked me.  The bottles hold no more liquid than is allowed on board and with the essential things needed to take care of skin business.

The kit holds 7 items and, though it doesn’t run cheap, is money well spent.

Retails $158


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