Jamaica, Mon: Blackwell’s GoldenEye

Our first piece of news from our sabbatical (Oh, who are we kidding? It was all work and no play at the London School of Economics) is this bit ‘o goodness: The opening of the new GoldenEye.

That’s right! An iconic Jamaican resort, GoldenEye was originally home to Ian Fleming and the location where he penned the James Bond novels. In 1976, Chris Blackwell purchased GoldenEye and for decades it has been known as THE glamorous hideaway for everyone from Truman Capote to Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

This October, the new GoldenEye opens after being closed for two years. The property’s original design – including three beaches and singular lagoon – have all been lovingly preserved. Accommodations on the 52-acre property now comprise the original Fleming villa and the five built by Blackwell that have been artfully refit, as well as 11 new beach cottages and six new lagoon suites. Two new restaurants round out the food and beverage offering and an array of water sports and fitness activities will be led by Jamaica’s own Olympic athlete, Iona Wynter.

We think that’s reason enough to stop Pussy Footing around and buy a ticket to Jamaica, mon.

To learn more about the spirit of GoldenEye, its storied past and starry future, please visit the recently debuted website, goldeneye.com.

In addition, keep an eye out for Blackwell’s other Island Outposts: Strawberry HillThe CavesJakes and Geejam.

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