Fashion Takes Flight

Shabby Apple's Travel Ready Dresses

Talk about travel chic. We love a great fashion deal, particularly when it involves travel-ready, all-occasion dresses that really fit the form.

Since aviation style, a reported trend for Fall 2010, has us heading for the skies, the staff at Jaunt Magazine thought these old-style dresses by Shabby Apple would accentuate our luscious curves and work well under signature aviator jackets with shearling lining and equestrian-style accessories.  Don’t you?

We also think they’d look damn cute for work or a sexy Italian wedding… say, on the outskirts of Bergamo at a Renaissance-era villa.

The best part?

You can shop by style or collection: Essential, Flirty, Sophisticated, Soiree, and Bridesmaid or  Golden Gate, Baja, and Skyscraper.  You get the idea. Alternatively, you can take a short quiz and shop by body type. All styles are a steal at less than $100/dress so throw down some dinero and get crackin’. Your hot bod can’t wait!

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