Jamaica’s Moon Dance Resort

Jamaica’s sexy Moon Dance Resort

Moon Dance in a Trance…

Have you ever looked around at your life and doubted that it could be so good?

The little cracks in reality that shine like a piece of art?

Maybe they’re short lived windows, a simple flash in the mind, but sometimes they last.  In fact, sometimes they last for seven sweet days of heaven.  That’s exactly what happened to me on my dream vacation in Negril, Jamaica at the Moon Dance Villas.

From the time you arrive, your every need is provided for long before you even know it exists.  The villas are fully staffed with your own private entourage.  I was handed my first rum punch upon stepping in the door and later offered a freshly blended piña colada in the middle of the afternoon.  Have I mentioned that I have my own bartender?  That was followed by a delectable lobster dinner whipped up by my cook and served outside with a view of my private beach.  Are you catching how many times I’ve said “my”?  After endless days of not lifting a finger, the staff including your butler, begins to feel a lot like family.  To top it all off, living like a Hollywood celebrity has never been so affordable.

The Moon Dance Pool at Night

Moon Dance Villas has 6 luxurious and fully outfitted homes to choose from.  This makes it the perfect vacation spot for you and your sweetheart, your closest lady friends, or your whole family.  I stayed in the 5 bedroom Bay Whisper with 9 other ladies, making it only $190 a person per night in high season!  I recommend the all inclusive package for just another $115/night, which gives you unlimited food and beverage, wine and liquor, at any time of the day or night.

With your own private beach, gardens, pools and jacuzzis, you won’t really want to leave.  However, if you feel like pushing your relaxation right over the edge, I recommend the treatments at Jackie’s on the Reef.  Your staff will help you get to this idyllic spot where you can choose from a variety of classic spa options, including deep tissue massage and facials.  They also take therapeutic treatments to the next level with quality practitioners of energy work, past life readings and ion cleanse detoxification.  Almost all of the treatments are in the $60 range, making it possible to stack as much self love as you can into one week.

With wedding hosting and loyal regulars, Moon Dance doesn’t really need the extra advertising, but I can’t help wanting to share this gem with the world!  As the testimonials attest to, it’s a place where all people, be it families with mixed ages or a gaggle of gals, can finally come home from a vacation fully rested.  For me, the whole experience began to feel like some moving canvas colored by vibrant hues of turquoise waters, fuschia sunsets, and golden sunned skin.  All a bit too good to be true, but I awoke to that gorgeous dream for 7 days straight.


By Sarah Breidenbach

Sarah Breidenbach - Jaunt MagazineJaunt Magazine Contributor, Sarah Breidenbach, currently resides in Taipei. When she’s not hittin up HK to sing the blues, she’s sniffing out holistic spa treatments, Buddhist teachers, and all things artistic and chic… for you lucky readers. Next up? The goods you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

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