The French Countryside… for Lovers

Les Manoirs de Tourgéville - Deauville Normandy

Only two hours away from Paris and located just a few kilometers from the center of Deauville, France is a secret we’ve been waiting to share.

The perfect rustic, romantic setting for lovers or families looking to unwind and enjoy the fresh crisp air of France’s famed Norman countryside and nearby Norman beaches.

Formerly called Club 13 and owned by French Director Claude Lelouch, Les Manoirs de Tourgéville has reopened in June! The new property of the Groupe Floirat was entirely renovated and now features spacious, beautifully designed interiors with all the modern amenities: a gourmet restaurant (‘1899’), an indoor swimming pool, a screening room (since you can take me out of Hollywood, but you can’t take the Hollywood out of me) and… crackling fireplaces (to go with my vino, of course!). The hotel, located in a beautiful romantic park, truly maintains its traditional heritage in the heart of Normandy.

A Bird's Eye View - A French Countryside Retreat

To get to Les Manoirs de Tourgéville, you can go either take a train from Paris to Trouville-Deauville station or you can go by car.  For both, the trip takes around two hours. There are multiple daily trains run between the Gare St- Lazare in Paris and Trouville-Deauville station and sometimes the journey requires a change of trains in Lisieux so it’s a good idea to check this in advance.  Expect to pay between only 40-60 euros for a ticket.

FYI – For those unfamiliar with the secrets of France, Deauville is one of the most glamorous seaside resorts outside of Paris.

Double rooms start at a very reasonable 130€ (low season) and at 185€ (high season).

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