Rock the Bok

Reebok's Pop Mid

Take a gander at Reebok‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Not bad, eh? We think they’re uber-fun. We also love their customization (with their own iPhone app and everything). PS. It’s currently down, but set to be back up any day now. It was that wildly popular. In fact, more people  ordered customized Reebok’s through their app than they did through the Reebok website. Talk about Mobile Innovation Nation.

But back to the shoe. Why do we like it, you ask? Well, because it feels a bit more unique and retro for the female Gen X crowd who secretly loved the pink or white classic of the late eighties. This here is the Retro pop Mid, launched by Reebok with that hot little crossed belt strap as its main feature.

It is available in four colors: white/blue, white/lime, magenta/white and black/purple. The white/lime combo with light turquoise colored straps is pretty shnazzy. The second most popular combo is the contrasting magenta with gray straps. Reebok also released three more colors to the Elite Pack, including metallic and glossy accents.

Who knew we’d be saying (past 1989) that we wanna Rock the Bok? PS. Reebok, if you’re reading this and love that copy line as much as our staff, feel free to make me an offer (or hire me full time to market your fine line).

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