Operation Halfpipe: Aspen Winter X-Games

LOCATION:  39°57′52″ N  106°4′12″ W

You spent last winter in the half-pipe practicing your front double cork 1080.  Or, like me, perhaps you were building up your endurance in the hot tub. Either way, we’re pushing for a trip to Aspen’s Winter X-Games to ski (or, in our case, snowboard) all day long while we watch the world’s best freestylers and party with the sexy new Adventure tour group, Adventurati, in one of the world’s best ski towns. This is one VIP trip that you won’t be hearing about in all the usual places. Think of that cool outdoorsy stud in high school all grown up. Now imagine he had a tour company that took you to all the cool, adventurous places to hang with all the cool people. You coming or what, bro?

Trip Details

  • Four nights (January 27 – 31, 2011) in a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom condo in the town of Aspen, walking distance to the mountain; hot tub access in the community
  • Flight to Aspen; transfer to/from airport and condo
  • Three day lift ticket all Aspen resort mountains (incl. Snowmass, Buttermilk, & Highlands)
  • ESPN Winter X-Games
  • Access to exclusive Adventurati dinners and apres-ski happy hours
  • Ski/snowboard rental discounts of 35%

This year will be their biggest ski trip yet and spots are filling up because you’ll have a chance to hit the slopes with the Adventurati crew and honorary Adventurati member, Shaun White.

K or Q bed, shared room, shared bed for 2 people; $1575/person

Twin bed, shared room, own bed; $1785/person

K or Q bed, own room, own bed; $2170/person

See you there, snowballers!



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