Lose Weight for Summer!

Crash Diet Sticks

We have a problem. You see, we travel all the time and when we travel, well, we’re not so good about watching what we eat and working out.  That’s why we think it’s a good thing that Rodial is back with a new addition to their growing list of weight stripping supplements. We also think, in addition to working out and eating well, this new addition just might help as get bikini ready for summer.

Say hello to the crash diet STICKS!

The crash diet STICK is a dietary supplement that helps speed up fat burning and eliminates water retention. Best used in conjunction with crash diet SMOOTHIE and crash diet for optimum weight loss results, they taste good and also give you a little energy kick (thank you, caffeine and green tea extract). Testing over a 60 day period induced a weight loss of 5.7% so I’m on it! The active ingredients include: Cherry stalk, Meadowsweet and Ash leaf dry extract help to eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the body. Green coffee seed dry extract are rich in chlorogenic acid, to reduce intestinal absorption of glucose. Guarana promotes lipolysis (the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells) and fat removal, and lastly, green tea leaf dry extract slows down absorption of fats in the intestine by inhibiting gastric lipases (enzymes in the digestive system).  There don’t seem to be any negative side effects and it’s a mild enough supplement to not give you the jitters.

So, try it out and let us know if you have the same results!





Instant Chat Translation

Ortsbo: Instant Chat Translation

Yep, “out of this world” language translation technology allowed aliens and Captain Kirk to speak back in forth with ease in English and now you can too.  Well, maybe you won’t be speaking with aliens (yet), but with new acquaintances met during worldly travels this website just might be the open door to love or friendship.

Because many international travelers do more than just take in the sights and sounds of the new places they’re visiting (I know I do), making new friends and acquaintances along the way is right up there with your way through Europe or trying to speak the language of love.  But, one of the biggest challenges when returning home is keeping in touch with our new friends abroad that speak another language.

Ortsbo.com is the first site that enables people of different languages to chat online in their native language and have real time translation while using social media platforms such as Facebook, AIM, etc. and translates instantly in more than 50 languages. The website may look a bit out there at first, but we’d like to know from you… is this up your alley?

So, check it out and let us know!

NYC: Night Hotel

The Night Hotel - Midtown Manhattan

A study in urban Gothic, we just heard about a discount at The Night Hotel New York, a discrete boutique hotel and member of the Epoque Hotels Collection located in the heart of Manhattan. With bold and dark colors that appear both sexy and comfortable through the selection of rich textures and patterns, we were drawn to the the property’s modern custom-designed bathrooms designed in jet-black, off-set by a gleaming white floor. Think 1920’s meets Mr. Big (and a pair of hot red heels dropped shamelessly in the corner).

The special package – a 20% rate reduction now available at Epoque Hotels – requires a booking of 7 nights and the total price of the reservation will be charged on the day of booking and is non-refundable. So, if guest departs early, full stay will be charged, but we’re pretty sure you won’t mind with a savings of several hundred. The Night hotel New York is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan – minutes away from the theater district, excellent restaurants, nightlife, and walking distance from Times Square, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center. The Night Hotel is an Avantgarde Superior boutique hotel in the Epoque Hotels Collection, but visit the Epoque Hotels website to know more about the Night Hotel and Club Epoque, the program that allows members to get a percentage of their booking back towards future reservations.

The Night Hotel
132 West 45th Street
New York

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Waiting…

We’ve known about Mr & Mrs Smith ever since our lovely English Contributor, Sarah Ivens, shared some of the articles she had written for them about a year ago so now we’re sharing their quaint website with you, our loyal passionate unbelievably sexy readers.
As one of the world’s most trusted online boutique hotel experts (their name being a cheeky nod to the clandestine British check-in pseudonym), this popular UK-based company has now launched in the US this month, bringing its style-spotting travel knowledge and content, bespoke booking service (and an office) to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.  Fancy a coppa tea, Mr. Smith?
The collection includes more than 700 intimate, hip, sexy hotels, villas and properties around the world, many unavailable on any other site. The good news is that anyone can access the website, tap into the in-the-know recommendations, and book their hotels at the best possible rates. Smith also won’t make recommendations without visiting a hotel at least twice to ensure quality and consistency that fits the Mr. and Mrs. Smith brand. Another fun detail? Artists, writers, entrepreneurs and celebies such as Stella McCartney and Cate Blanchett anonymously review the carefully curated collection and supply first person accounts of their Smith hotel stays.

Their in-house global editorial department features over 300 international destination guides providing entertaining and insider tips on what room to choose, table to book, or special occasion properties written in Smith’s irreverent and witty style. Service obsessed Mr & Mrs Smith’s also provides travel advisors in one of three Smith offices around the world that are available by phone 24 hours a day. With headquarters in our one time home of London, Mr & Mrs Smith now has offices in Melbourne and New York City.

For more info:  www.mrandmrssmith.com or call 1 800 464 2040