Travel Beauty Secrets

Oliver Ifergan's 2GTBT (Too Good to Be True) Hair Serum

Since we’re always on the go, often flying at the drop of a hat,  one of the things that annoys us the most is the difficulty we have finding good high-quality travel sized hair products (particularly for curly hair). Alas… our friends in the fine city of Los Angeles just filled us in on a great travel product for our curly wild woman mop.

2GTBT (Too Good To Be True) Smoothing Serum – This little salve transforms and redefines any texture hair. Loaded with performance extracts, it makes curly hair smooth and natural looking. Straight hair becomes brilliant, sleek, and full of shine. Hair takes on an unbelievable form. 1.75 oz., $25.

Oliver also makes a wide range of great products for travel – shampoos and conditioners all 3oz. and under. You know what else? You can also get your hair did there too!

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