Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Waiting…

We’ve known about Mr & Mrs Smith ever since our lovely English Contributor, Sarah Ivens, shared some of the articles she had written for them about a year ago so now we’re sharing their quaint website with you, our loyal passionate unbelievably sexy readers.
As one of the world’s most trusted online boutique hotel experts (their name being a cheeky nod to the clandestine British check-in pseudonym), this popular UK-based company has now launched in the US this month, bringing its style-spotting travel knowledge and content, bespoke booking service (and an office) to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.  Fancy a coppa tea, Mr. Smith?
The collection includes more than 700 intimate, hip, sexy hotels, villas and properties around the world, many unavailable on any other site. The good news is that anyone can access the website, tap into the in-the-know recommendations, and book their hotels at the best possible rates. Smith also won’t make recommendations without visiting a hotel at least twice to ensure quality and consistency that fits the Mr. and Mrs. Smith brand. Another fun detail? Artists, writers, entrepreneurs and celebies such as Stella McCartney and Cate Blanchett anonymously review the carefully curated collection and supply first person accounts of their Smith hotel stays.

Their in-house global editorial department features over 300 international destination guides providing entertaining and insider tips on what room to choose, table to book, or special occasion properties written in Smith’s irreverent and witty style. Service obsessed Mr & Mrs Smith’s also provides travel advisors in one of three Smith offices around the world that are available by phone 24 hours a day. With headquarters in our one time home of London, Mr & Mrs Smith now has offices in Melbourne and New York City.

For more info: or call 1 800 464 2040

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