Stylish Portable iPod Speakers


How cute are these little keychain travel speakers??

chicBuds is at it again! Their newly launched portable iPod speakers are keeping up with the trends of pint sized digital toys with a purpose. One of their latest products, the chicBuds chicBoom Flower Keychain Speaker, is adding some much needed style to key rings around town while elegantly keeping up with celebrity style.

This mini speaker comes with a sunny colored pattern over a crackle pink background. Attach and go for any occasion—perfect for the pool, beach, backpacking, camping, just hanging with friends… you name it!

chicBoom Keychain Speakers are tailored to the feminine and stylish woman who has a little Hollywood at heart. They are small and lightweight and come attached to a key ring for easy transportability of your tunes. Don’t be deceived though – there is nothing small about the sound these put out! They offer great clarity, incredible volume, and clear distortion-free sound when blasting music from any mp3 player, iPhone, DVD player, or computer. What’s great is they come with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, meaning there isn’t the hassle of changing batteries. Enjoy 4 hours of play after one charge. This tiny sphere is only an inch in size, but blast sound louder than most docking stations. Truly packing a punch, this speaker can replace bulky table-top systems and always be ready to grab and go.

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