Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, France… I see your underpants!

Casa Sandra - Holbox Island, Mexico

We thought that title might get your attention. And hey, who knows? Maybe a trip to these hot spots might make you go wild and throw your undies to the wind. With that in mind, when we think of our favorite hotels, we’re often reminded of our favorite loves – their faces, their smells, and, of course, their names.

What’s in a name, you ask? We think quite a lot. After all, people wouldn’t be singing my name to me if my parents hadn’t fallen in love over a little Clapton. To that end, naming a person – or a hotel suite – certainly makes a statement. Names might evoke a famous figure, locale or emotion. So, teaming up with her Wanderlogue bloggers from AMPR, Andria Mitsakos, lifestyle publicistdesigner and wanderlista, spotted five suite names from around the world that have caught her attention enough to spend a night… or two.

Here goes:

Illusion SuiteCasaSandra, Holbox Island, Mexico

Owned by Cuban screenwriter, painter and full-time artist, Sandra Perez, CasaSandra on Holbox Island is a reflection of her love for the arts. She has lined the walls of the 20-room whimsical, beachfront retreat with original works—hers and other Cuban artists. She has personally designed the furnishings and named the rooms after her inspirations: Ilusión (Illusion), Amanecer (Dawn), Sentido (Feeling). No illusions here, the spacious and well-appointed Illusion Suite is dripping with whimsical details.

Jamaica's Geejam Hotel - Port Antonio

Drum & Bass: Geejam, Port Antonio, Jamaica

A signature suite, housed on the ground floor of this tiny gem hotel’s recording studio (some pretty famous artists have slept here too), Drum & Bass is a music head’s most far-flung fantasy. Brazilian cherry wood foldout panels turn the Geejam room into a virtual outdoor veranda. Almost a room in itself, the oversized bathroom is furnished with a steam shower and a Philippe Starckbathtub. Foldout windows give way to an oceanic panorama. You can literally soak in the tub to the sound of the waves.

Tintswalo Atlantic - Cape Town, South Africa

Robben Island SuiteTintswalo Atlantic, Cape Town, South Africa

Perched on stilts above a pebbled beach at the foot of Chapman’s Peak, Tintswalo Atlantic is an exclusive lodge with ten richly appointed suites, each with views of the Atlantic Ocean. Freedom is undeniably embraced in the gleaming Robben Island Suite as it pays tribute to South Africa’s esteemed leader and Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela, who was liberated from what is now one of UNESCO’s heritage sites.

Charlie Chaplin Suite: Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France

Originally built in 1855 by Napoleon III as a summer mansion for Empress Eugenia, Hotel du Palais has always attracted the rich and royals over the years including Leopold II, Stravinsky and Frank Sinatra. Plush Imperial suites are now named after these bon vivants as an honor of their frequent presence and their work to society. Without too many words, the Charlie Chaplin Suite brings much joy, similar to what its namesake screen legend offered to his audience.

The Beach in Front of Pink Sands Resort - Harbour Island, Bahamas

Yellow Heron Cottage: Pink Sands, Harbour Island Bahamas

Pink Sands’ 25 pastel colored cottages are nestled on 20 intimate acres along the famous Pink Sands beach on stylish Harbour Island. The resort may have a hot designer (Barbara Hulanickiof Biba fame)—and even hotter celebrity guest list—but this resort is all about privacy. It’s also a haven for birds, Pink Sands acreage is an official bird sanctuary approved by the Audubon Society. The Yellow Heron cottage pays homage to the property’s natural inhabitants.

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