Britain’s Orient Express

Orient Express's British Pullman Train

We’re missing dear old Blightly so, when we offered a friend some tips on how to sight see around London and then travel around her Majesty’s great country in November, we had to fill them in on Orient-Express’s British Pullman train. One can’t find a better way to see Britain than by train. Take a train and add in a little Agatha Christie and… voila! You’re in for one super sweet ride.

Where: Orient-Express’s British Pullman

What: A murder mystery filled with tricks and treats at every turn

Why: Halloween can be spooky. Some say the misty countryside of Britain is the perfect setting for ghosts to come out and play. Yes, there’s witchcraft in the air. But, when you add mystery to the mix, all bets are off. Leave the trick-or-treaters at home for this thrilling and chilling journey aboard the Orient-Express’s day train, the British Pullman. Inspired by Agatha Christie’s famous novel Murder on the Orient Express, the Murder Mystery Lunch will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hop aboard and travel back to 1933 where love and intrigue set the mood. Piece together the clues during an exquisite five-course lunch, accompanied by a glass of champagne and a half-bottle of wine, as you watch the mystery unfold.

(This journey departs November 11, 2011, rates start at $460 per person)

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