Shameless Animal Attraction

A Little Animal Attraction

When we travel, we often like to leave our fancy jewelry at home. That said, we still want to have a few basic, cool pieces to look sharp and accessorize with which is where SHAMELESS comes in. Undeniably eye catching, very reasonably priced, and sufficiently sassy (with rings that say ‘Angel’ on one side and ‘Devil’ on the other or ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘Bitch’), they’re the brainchild of Los Angeles based designer, Shea Curry, who unveiled a variety of pieces that compliment the already popular and witty “Naughty & Nice” line with the attention grabbing “Animal Attraction” collection.

Feeling like a Kitten or a Tiger today?

The best part? SHAMELESS jewelry is manufactured entirely in the United States using the finest Swarovski crystals, 22 carat gold and 100% rhodium (aka platinum), with retail price points under and around $75-$150.

We likey.

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