A Model Traveler Talks Bali & Conservation

Summer Crosley Photo by: Suzi Zoltin

This week, Summer Joy Crosley, a model based in Miami Beach, fill us in on some of her quick travel favorites.

Summer Crosley is not only a international model, she also happens to be a vocal Ocean Conservation Advocate.  We like her because she keeps conservation in mind when she jaunts around the world modeling and doing the local travel thing.

So what’s her favorite destination?

Bali, Indonesia.

Her favorite hotel in Bali? Surf Ulu

Her favorite Balinese restaurant: Mazaic

While she’s traveled to some of the top beach destinations in the world with her fiance to help raise awarness to help protect the oceans.  As there is an overwhelming amount of trash and pollution on the beaches and our world’s scared oceans are in danger, she helps the cause by selling candles and jewelry made out of sea urchin shells from Bali, with all proceeds from the sales going to Ocean Conservation.

You can check out her nifty products here: www.coralcandles.com

When not traveling for work or Ocean Conservation efforts Summer is busy riding her beach cruiser, visiting local farmers markets, hiking and just relaxing to a good movie. Her future trips include Fiji and New Zealand.

So get your gorgeous rump to Bali and keep an eye out for Summer. She’s one hot season!

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