Chicken Pork Adobo… in the Philippines, of course

Pizza Adobo... Filippino Style

Pizza Adobo... Filipino Style

A hand-tossed pizza crust is topped with strips of chicken and pork adobo that rest on a creamy layer of melted mozzarella and Laguna cheese (the latter named after the Philippine province where it originates, known for its carabao-milk soft cheese called “kesong puti” -white cheese). Yes, I’m talking about Resorts World Manila’s (RWM) signature dish, Chicken Pork Adobo Laguna Cheese Pizza or “CPA,” fast becoming a favorite among foreigners and locals alike for its unique taste. The pizza, a popular dish around the world, serves as a platform to introduce Filipino adobo to the world. The iconic Filipino comfort food —chicken or pork meat marinated and simmered in soy sauce, vinegar and spices—is known to take on many forms in different households, and is usually served with steaming white rice. But at RWM’s Pizzasta and Bar 360, it takes on a new and delicious twist as the CPA Laguna Cheese Pizza. The CPA Laguna Cheese Pizza is available in 12” and 16”.

A bit about Resorts World Manila (RWM): it’s the first integrated tourism destination in the Philippines home to three international lodging brands: Maxims Hotel, the first all-luxury suite hotel in the country; Marriott Hotel Manila, a five-star brand known all over the world; and Remington Hotel, for the budget-savvy traveler. RWM’s Newport Mall houses some of the top luxury retail brands, it’s Newport Cinemas claims stadium seating and state-of-the-art cinema technology, and The Newport Performing Arts Theater hosts plays, performances, concerts and events. And for gamers and gamblers… RWM is also home to the biggest gaming facility in the Philippines.

So, if you’re ever in the Philippines, gamble and get grub…  Filipino-style.

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